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Microsoft Edge

UX Design, Prototyping

Helping users organize their tabs, find information faster, and observe their performance on the browser

Roles & Responsibilities

  • User Research
  • UX Design
  • UX Engineering

Project Context

  • July 2021 – Present
  • Consumer Team

Tools Used

  • Figma
  • React
  • TypeScript
  • Fluent Web Components

Over the last year, I've been designing Browser Essentials – a centralized hub for all things performance and safety on the Edge browser. This involves gathering requirements from 4 different feature crews, designing end to end flows, coding functional prototypes, and working with researchers to validate concepts. We've shipped the v1 of the hub and it has grown from 0 to 14M monthly active users.

Browser Essentials

Tab chaos is one of the most well-known problems faced in web browsers. Thanks for the recent advancements in AI, it's now finally possible to organize your tabs with a single click. My task was to help users discover this functionality on Edge and design the new loading experience to help users see how the groups are formed and how they can further edit them.

Finding terms on a page has been a known feature in desktop applications for ages. My task was to make this functionality smarter for today's world. I did this by providing users more filters as they search for terms, such as matching the whole word, and matching case. Microsoft Edge now also shows related terms found on the page to find answers even quicker. There's also more improvements being shipped right now that let you see your results in context on the Edge sidebar.


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