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UX Design, Prototyping

Designing quick-start onboarding experiences to make Google Cloud services easier to set up.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • User Research: Literature Review, Competitive Analysis, User Interviews
  • UX Design: 3 Iterations of low & high fidelity wireframes
  • UX Engineering: Prototyping CUJs using Angular
  • Achieving stakeholder buy in (UX, Software, Product)

Project Context

  • May 2020 – July 2020
  • Summer Internship at Google Cloud
  • Team: Kriti Nelavelli, Blair Metcalf

Tools Used

  • Figma
  • Angular
  • TypeScript


During Summmer 2020, amidst a global pandemic, I got the opportunity to intern as a User Experience Engineer on Google Cloud. My 3 month long intern project revolved around researching, designing, and prototyping onboarding experiences to make Anthos (Google's multi-cloud platform) easier to setup.


The summer was all about learning how one of the most design-mature organisations in the world solves problems at scale. I spent my free time networking with designers, researchers, engineers, and managers from various teams to learn more about their teams and favourite parts of their job.

I was also featured in a Google Design article "Here, There, Everywhere", about how UXers at Google are working from home.

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The goodies!

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Being featured in a Google Design article!

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The WFH Setup


This internship taught me a lot about embracing ambiguity, asking the right questions, how to ship products at a scale, and finding impact. I published at article about my learnings from this internship on UX Collective. This article was featured by the Medium Editorial Team for UX.


The biggest outcome of my project was achieving cross-functional stakeholder buy-in into the need for the redesign, and inclusion in the upcoming product roadmap. Outside of my immediate project, I also ran a 20 person Figma Prototyping workshop that enabled UX Designers on our team to create interactive prototypes and improve future rapid prototyping design sprints.

All of my work during the internship is under an NDA, so please reach out to me personally if you have any questions regarding my work.


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